Thank you for visiting Meltease Wax.

This small business was founded by me, Amie, a self confessed wax melt and scented candle addict!

I always struggled to find wax melts and candles with a strong scent, that lasted a long time, so I decided to do something about it.

After a lot of research and learning, I managed to create something that I was confident to share with you all, and Meltease was born.

Each Wax Melt and Candle is handmade with lots of love in the Meltease kitchen, using Eco-Friendly Soy Wax and only the best fragrances.


Oh my. I’ve been waiting to try out these for over a week as I smashed my burner and had to wait for a new one! And it was worth the wait! They are lovely! My house smells amazing. You have converted a strictly Yankee Candle gal to Maltese! I cannot recommend you enough! The smell lasts for hours!!! Looking forward to ordering more!

Facebook Review by Rachel

I could smell the pink grapefruit before I even opened the package 😍😍😍 it’s my absolute favourite. I got the coconut ones too but haven’t tried them yet. The scent is so clean & strong at the same time and lasts!! Love them

Facebook Review by Jack

It’s the first time I’ve ever used melts I usually stick with oils but I was really impressed, they smell amazing and nice and strong. Very impressed and converted to melts now

Facebook Review by Amy

These are so good. My house smells lovely and they last for ages. Would defo recommend and will get again. 

Facebook Review by Michaela

I received these as a gift and the smell is beautiful. I will definitely be buying more to keep and give as gifts myself. Highly recommend

Facebook Review by Christa

I am lucky enough to have tested these melts. Absolutely gorgeous aroma and long lasting. My home now smells of lazy days of sunshine with subtle hints of coconut.

Facebook Review by Jo

I have tried both the baby powder and the blueberry muffin melts and OMG they both smell amazing, fill the room with a lovely smell for hours. Would definitely recommend. Looking forward to trying more scents

Facebook Review by Catherine